June 22, 2011

Military tornadoes in the Midwest (U.S.A.)

The "journalist" Jesus Diaz writes about tornadoes in the Midwest: "It's hard to believe that this beauty (sic) can cause so much grief and damage, but from space even the deadliest of natural (sic) disasters always looks strangely soothing and mesmerizing. Those 'explosions' of clouds seem to come from Earth herself. The satellite images show five days of deadly Midwestern tornadoes, from May 20 to 25. They were taken by the G.O.E.S.-13 satellite and ithey show the storms that spawned the deadly Joplin, Missouri tornado on May 22 (around 5:30 p.m.) and the Oklahoma tornado event (Oklahoma City and Piedmont, Oklahoma) on May 24, 2011.

The G.O.E.S. (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite) network is operated by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and N.A.S.A. You can actually watch them all updating here. [N.A.S.A. Goddard]"

The silly Diaz provides us with precious information, when he observes: "Those 'explosions' of clouds appear to come from the Earth itself." . It is just this way! In fact the huge cones of clouds, taken from the satellite, are generated by special machines built just by N.A.S.A., the military and "scientific" institution, which takes the vortices.

We have no doubt: the calamities in the United States (disastrous fires in the west, floods in the Midwest) are ALL of military origin. The secret government uses deadly weapons to destroy the nation. It is not a coincidence: N.A.S.A. recently sent letters to the staff, in which it recommends the employees and their families to prepare themselves for an emergency (earthquake, epidemic, flood, riot...), taking stock of supplies.

The linked video on Tanker Enemy TV.

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