April 25, 2011

Morgellons victim jumps to death in Germany

A German woman committed suicide: she had Morgellons and the spectacular way she committed suicide is a desperate scream against silence and censure which cover this dire disease caused by chemtrails.

A woman in Germany jumped to her death from a hot air balloon. Monica B. had Morgellons. She chose this spectacular method of suicide to publicize the plight of those with this illness. She left a note about having Morgellons and not receiving any help. Here is the German article from the Munich newspaper (you may be able to translate with Google translater):

This has produced a storm of publicity about Morgellons in Germany. The backlash went to Marc Neumann. He had been contacted to help Monica B., but before he could get through to her she committed suicide. I just talked to him and he feels threatened. His German site was being attacked as we spoke. His site has been suddenly visited by numerous government agencies. And most notably by those companies that produce pesticides containing bioinsecticides made with fungi, nematodes, bacteria and other living materials. The biggest of those companies is Bayer which was on his site just today.

Marc Neumann went to see a lawyer about suing the pesticide companies that are causing widespread environmental hazards. Now he is actually in fear for his life, because he has spoken out about a multimillion business. If he decides to sue these companies he might be in danger. I for one would help him any way I could, including a defense fund, if needed. Or, if he could actually sue these companies, I would like to contribute to shut them down. This includes the evil Monsanto.

Posted by Brian Andrews on aircrap.org
Source: tz-online.de