January 07, 2012

Global brain chip and mesogens: nano-machines for ultimate control of false memories (By Dr. Hildegarde Staninger)

Dr. Hildegarde Staninger is studying for many years the real scenario behind chemtrails, whose Morgellons is the terrifying consequence.

In July 2011, she received a referral patient for comprehensive industrial toxicology evaluation and advanced biological monitoring testing. During that time the patient explained how they were exposed to multiple directed energy sources that were monitored within the patient’s home. The individual, a female of Chinese ancestry, age 57 and a professional cultural educational director/musician, explained that approximately two years prior, she was sitting at her desk talking on the cell phone (right ear), when she experienced a feeling of burning glass needles entering into her left ear and its canal. Several weeks later she started to experience pains on the left lobe area of her brain and also experienced a cough that came from the upper bronchi area of the left lung. Testing performed by her physicians revealed in 2010 and reconfirmed in 2011, a 9 mm meningioma on the left lobe of the brain. The patient/client was determined to remove the meningioma and to have it tested, surgery was scheduled at Cedar Sinai Hospital with the surgeon being UCLA’s Director of Neurosurgery. Brain specimen was collected by a private investigator, retained by the client/patient and ear canal specimen was transported to IHS by client/patient. All appropriate chain of custody procedures were followed. It should be mentioned that in reality a 1.2 cm menginoma was removed, but... something horrible and unbelievable was discovered...

Human brain is changing: by means of nanochemtrails and the integration of nanotechnology into the bio-sensory world, the secret goverment is going to monitor or control the human beings. The majority of high impact technologies that use brain-computer interface as a “Brain chip” or Bio-sensors explains how mankind is becoming a post-human species. This is not science-fiction, this is not a dark future, because that's happening now in front of our blind eyes.

Thank You, Dr. Staninger, for this excellent article, for Your friendship.

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