June 21, 2010

The false contrails in the Second world war

About the controversy, concerning the contrails already during the Second world war, we have often seen these photos. They are monochromatic and appear the result of manipulation rather than authentic photographs. If you look carefully each of these images presented by misinformation (see contrailscience.com, Paolo Attivissimo e C.I.C.A.P., just to quote someone), it's obvious that something is wrong.

Look at the picture at the top of the article. It shows some bombers which create persistent contrails. This picture should prove the existence of contrails already during the Second world war, but there is a problem. In the picture you can see some aircrafts in turn. This manoeuver is shown by the curve of big wakes, but if we make the magnification of the section that frames the shape of the bombers, the aicrafts appear in horizontal position, without being tilted to the left, as it would be logical, if aircrafts really did this manoeuver.

This is so even in this case a fake created to mislead the less wise public. This brief series of images shows, however, as the phenomenon of condensation during the Second world war is the consequence of deception. Note the quality of the shots, quite contrary to the ridicolous images that would demonstrate, in accordance with the misinformation, the presence of persistent contrails in the 40s of the XXth century.

As proof of what we assert, just think that the word "contrail" was created only in 1947.

The hoaxer Paul Bertotti (Skuro), in a vain attempt to disprove the results of this analysis, writes: "No one realized that the original photo was cropped and straightened in order not to show the inclination of the wing?"..