June 29, 2009

Codex Alimentarius - Genocide is served

Codex Alimentarius is a law that, officially, should guarantee the consumers' health, through appropiate measures. Codex's enforcement is expected to be in 2010.

But what's really hiding behind this enterprise promoted by the diabolical multinationals? This is a system that will forbid food supplements, vitamines and all natural remedies. Furthermore, farm animals will have to take growth hormones; food will be irradiated by cobalt; cereals and vegetables will be treated with poisonous pesticides; genetically modified food will be legalized.

Codex Alimentarius' aim is to reduce the world's population by about 92%, causing tumours, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, vitamin deficiency diseases.

Consumers will be obliged to eat food that will be irradiated, degraded, demineralized and full of pesticides. We need to point out that the aim to bring the world population from the estimated 6.7 billions till almost 500 millions corresponds, in percentage, to Native Americans' decrease, perpetrated by the Europeans. Native Americans decreased from 60 millions to the actual 500.000 individuals, with an approximate reduction of 92%, as a result of the government genocide policies.

In this disturbing picture chemtrails, vaccines, so-called "anti-tumour medicines", electromagnetic waves, waste residues, nuclear power stations' radiations, aspartame - and so on - are used to weaken people's immune systems so that they can be attacked by fatal or degenerative deseases more easily. Genocide is served...

F.A.O. and O.M.S. have estimated that just with the introduction of the directives on vitamines and minerals there will be at least 3 billions deaths in a decade: one billion will be due to starvation; the others two billions will be due to the inevitable degenerative deseases caused by insufficient feeding as, for instance, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Translation by: trettomahawk