October 22, 2010

Pensioner chains herself to gates of Dail (Ireland) in chemtrails protest

We publish an important news about an Irish citizen who protested against massive chemtrails operation over Kildare, Ireland. This brave woman saw large black helicopters spraying the town: military forces use, in order to spread poisons, helicopters too. We support the Irish citizen, although we are sure that governments all over the world will never listen to people claims, by infringing human rights.

Breda Murphy has lived in the town of Kildare for much of her life. So when around the 14th of June this year an intensive programme of aerial spraying over Kildare began, she noticed almost immediately. She even witnessed large black helicopters spraying the town. Within days of the commencement of the spraying she and many of her neighbours started experiencing severe adverse health effects. These included nose bleeds, migraines and serious respiratory complaints.

Breda herself endured headaches, breathlessness, severe aches and pains and an elevated temperature. One side of her face swelled up and her eyes became so badly swollen that she had trouble seeing out of them. She was forced to consult an emergency doctor and was diagnosed with elevated blood pressure and infections of the sinuses and upper respiratory tract. She spent a miserable summer cooped up in her house, leaving it, only when absolutely necessary. In the last few weeks the spraying over Kildare has recommenced. Breda and her neighbours are once again living in fear for their health.

Breda demands that the government immediately puts a stop to the spraying of Kildare and the other targeted areas of the country! As to do otherwise constitutes a serious breach of hers and all other affected Irish men and women’s basic human rights!

This press release has been sent to several outlets across Éireand the UK.

Breda Murphy is available for interview and may be contacted via:

Telephone 00353 (0)85 106 87 42 (Breda)
Email: maud.brownatyahoo.co.uk (Maud)

Source: prisonplanet

October 05, 2010

GI’s brains dried by military dispensed nose candy (by Dr Bob Nichols)

We publish an important article about diseases caused in soldiers and veterans by depleted uranium (D.U.). We thank Dr Hildegarde Staninger for noticing this research. We must remember that D.U. and its problems are denied by disinfo-agents just like chemtrails.

San Francisco – Now it is official. Researchers have shown that uranium oxide, or D.U., “travels the nerves from the nose to the brain,” in the words of a University of Chicago doc and researcher.A tiny amount (a milligram) of this radioactive poison quick marches up your smelling nerves right into your brain and keeps firing 1.2 Million bullets a day – forever. That’s a bunch.

850 rounds a minute

The radioactive 850 rounds a minute automatic weapon is about as big as the period at the end of this sentence, never needs reloading and never jams. It’s a perfect killing machine for brain cells and other cells. The range is about 20 cells, after that there is what the famous British physicist Dr. Chris Busby calls the “bystander effect.” He discovered it, he gets to name it.

These radioactive automatic weapons are so small they can float right through your clothes, evade your skin’s defenses and invade your body. Wherever the weapons alight inside, there is trouble as they never stop firing and there is no limit to their number. In a soldiers brain, trouble shows up in a noticeable way to others. As for the 20 cell radius ball within Range, think of these powerful Bullets each as a 100 car, 100 mph, or 160 kmh, fully loaded freight train obliterating a small dog tied to the railroad tracks. Right, for the 20 cells that are within range – in all directions, it ain’t pretty.

To me, this means these 20 cell radius spheres in soldiers and vets brains turn to jelly or mush, weird diseases or cancers, or all of the above. No wonder VA Secretary and former General Eric Shinseki has noted the big increase in the VA’s contract Psychiatric services. This radioactive bullet explanation for vets unusual behaviours holds water and makes perfect sense to me. The vets are under attack internally. Actually inside their skulls and in their brains. Worse, there’s nothing they can do about it. The huge VA system is also helpless. There is no cure and no treatment.

The VA knows it and is stonewalling. They fired the only doc who stood up to them on D.U. Word travels fast among the cowed medical staffs.

So, the Vets get slapped with some fake diagnosis and sent to the shrink or told there is nothing wrong with them. No way the spineless docs are going to call it like it is. They grab their 250K and slink home, comfortable every night. That ain’t no way to run an Army; but, it IS a way to run the world’s most lethal Armed Force right into the ground. Major Doug Rokke, Ph.D, Ret., former Director of the Pentagon’s Depleted Uranium Project, puts it succinctly “It [DU] is killing our own troops.”

General Eric Shinseki, Head of VA

Since no less than Gen Shinseki has pointed out the huge increases in contract psychiatric services, let’s all take note of it and ask real loud “Why is this happening to Vets? They are not the enemy!” It’s way past time to take names and kick ass in DC. That means changing the President as s/he appoints the head of the DOD. Not so hard to do, really. It is simply what is required. No wonder D.U. in the brain drives Vets nuts. The suffering these Vets must go through is unimaginable. OK. Here’s the targeted science, make up your own minds. I did.

The article follows here.