September 01, 2009

Weather modification, chemtrails and geo-engineering: what is happening in the sky?

August 31, 2:41 PMManhattan Environmental News Examiner - Christopher Croce

It happens all over the world without any public approval. In Germany, Italy, the UK, China, America, all over, airplanes are leaving ominous trails across the sky. These aerosol trails contain particles that linger for hours, getting dispersed by the wind and eventually falling to earth.

Starting in WWII as a way to manipulate radar systems, the military would spread particle clouds in the sky containing aluminum, metallized glass fibers, or plastic. The particles would give a false echo on radar systems and proved to be perfect cover to airplanes over a battlefield. This program called CHAFF is still being used in American skies without any real explanation as to why.

Now this type of intervention in our stratosphere has been applied to geo-engineering in the form of weather modification. The most publicized event was the 2008 Olympics where the Chinese used chemicals to control rainfall in Beijing. This is happening all over the world without any regard to the leaching of chemicals into the environment.

In Germany a meteorologist has sued the military for chemtrails that he has repeatedly recorded on radar. The trails were so big he said that there must have been tons of particles dropped to create cloud so huge that seamed to appear instantly on radars. All of those particles fall to the ground and get absorbed into the environment.

In the US an Arkansas man recorded planes leaving trails in the sky and collected a sample of particles that floated down afterward. When he gave the sample to a news agency they had it tested and the results showed unusually high levels of Barium.

Mark Ryan a director of the center for disease control says that short term exposure to Barium can lead to anything from stomach to chest pains and long term exposure causes blood pressure problems and functions to weaken the immune system.

The Council on Foreign Relation (CFR) wrote in a briefing titled Unilateral Geo-engineering that despite great uncertainty and significant risks such as acidification of the ocean, the destruction of coral reefs, and changes in composition of terrestrial ecosystems geo-engineering might be needed to avert or reverse some dramatic change in the climate system.

The bottom line is that geo-engineering may not work as expected, impose large unintended consequences on climate systems as well as terrestrial ecosystems, and the public is not given a choice on the issue.