February 19, 2012

Chemtrails and repression in Italy - Tanker Enemy under attack

Chemtrails-fighter activist Rosario Marcianò (Tanker enemy blog and video) has been denounced for defamation by some "debunkers". All this happens while he has been continuosly slandered and while his legal complaints have no effect (as if they never were filled)

See the following screnshot, a photo-montage published in a vulgar debunkers website, in which Rosario Marcianò is insulted in a shameful manner ("faccia di culo" means "ass-face")

Click the image in order to magnify the screenshot

(Source: http://leoniero.blogspot.com/2012/02/si-puo-essere-piu-straker-di-rosario.html )

As soon as possible, we will give you more information on this affair. If you want to support our struggle, you can help us to raise funds (see the link on the right at the top of the blog - paypal).

Well, if chemtrails don't exist, why so much repression? In the meanwhile in Germany, is happening something similar.

For those who understand Italian language, see more details on tankerenemy website, for the others here is the link for the Google translation of tankerenemy article.

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Versione italiana



February 15, 2012

Chemtrails and Morgellons: the Carnicom's analyses

We publish a résumé of an interview to Clifford Carnicom, the scientist who is studying chemtrails and Morgellons for many years. Even if he prefers to use the word "aerosol", instead of "chemtrails" or "geoengeneering", the Carnicom's analyses are very important in order to comprehend not only the charateristics of chemical and biological operations, but also their lethal purposes.

Filling in for George Noory, Rob Simone (email) welcomed independent researcher Clifford Carnicom in the first half of the program for an exposé on the profound impact of chemtrails. Clifford said he prefers the term 'aerosol' in lieu of 'chemtrail,' as the former is more accurate in describing the introduction of particulate matter into the air. "Our environment has been altered," he stated unequivocally, noting how the Earth's atmosphere has been modified by the "largest covert operation that has ever been conducted on this planet." Carnicom explained that the ubiquitous aerosol streaks in the sky are part of a multi-pronged program, which includes environmental modification and control, biological and electromagnetic operations, military applications, geophysical considerations, advanced light-wave surveillance, and detection of ionic disturbances (i.e., UFO propulsion systems).

According to Carnicom, the health of the entire global population has been affected to a significant degree by these aerosols. It has been strongly established that barium salts are in the airborne particulate matter, he continued. Soluble salts of barium are highly toxic, with the level of toxicity matching arsenic, he added. Carnicom also reported on a baffling ailment known as Morgellons disease, a condition he described as characterized by skin lesions and the presence of unusual filaments. He revealed that many people could be suffering from Morgellons but show no outward signs because the filaments are internal. Carnicom commented on a recent CDC report that dismissed the condition as the product of mentally unstable and delusional minds, and pointed out some issues he had with the study's methodology.

During Open Lines, Mike, a former private pilot living in Arizona, asserted that three commercial airline pilots have confirmed to him the reality of chemtrails. According to Mike, the chemtrails he has witnessed spread from horizon to horizon, filling the sky in a dense crisscross pattern that eventual ushers in cirrus clouds. Mike said he has conducted his own air sample tests and detected barium as well as very fine aluminum powder. A caller to the 'insider hotline' suggested that a chemical additive, with antifreeze and antibacterial properties, put into aircraft fuel tanks at refueling could be to blame for chemtrail sightings. Barry, a retired biochemist from South Carolina, recalled visiting his pharmaceutical company's headquarters in the 1970s to find researchers there working on a large-scale secret project to inoculate humans from various diseases by spraying chemical concoctions into the atmosphere from planes.

Source: coasttocoastam