September 09, 2010

The Quirinale (Italian Presidential Office) and the chemtrails

We publish an important analyzed document which shows links between Italian institutions and chemtrails operation. In this text, we can find an implicit admission of miltary clandestine aerosol activities. We thank our friend Giulia for the precise translation. Any other information can be read here and from the source.

What follows is the reply sent by a representative of the Quirinale to a concerned citizen who had written (on the 10-31-2010) an extensive letter to the Italian President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, prompting clear answers on the topics of the ongoing aerial spraying of chemicals and weather modification; the reply is an implicit admission of the poisonous spraying operations a.k.a. chemtrails.

As clear as it can get, isn't it? Such a reply is in every respect an admission of an ongoing massive military-strategic operation. Indeed, the Airforce military assistant does not deny the existence of the problem, but refers to unspecified "provisions" (yes, we are being poisoned according to the law) and significantly points to the Ministry of Defense as the proper addressee for a more satisfying reply. No attempt whatsoever is made to deny or downsize what is stated in the accurate report on chemtrails received by the citizen (who had previously sent two more letters to the same end): this is no less than an official admission.

In this reply from the republican institution, rather than a denial, we can read that "it's impossible to intervene on specific questions regulated by specific laws". So the reply from the Italian presidential office means that they can "do nothing at all to stop chemtrails spraying".

"Nel merito di quanto prospettato, pur comprendendo le motivazioni ed il coinvolgimento morale ed emotivo che hanno originato la Sua istanza, devo mio malgrado informarLa che risulta impossibile intervenire su materie regolate da specifiche disposizioni di legge, la cui applicazione spetta ai competenti ministeri e su cui la Presidenza della Repubblica non può in alcun modo intervenire".

In effect, there is a link between this statement and the signature (in the year 2003) of an international Treaty of Cooperation between Italy and U.S.A. on Science and Technology of Climate Change (that is artificial weather modification). Since 2003 the presence of chemtrails have greatly increased in the Italian skies.

It's worth to note that the reply is signed by a rapresentative of the Italian Air force, another implied admission of the important rôle played by the army (and expecially the Air force) in chemtrails spraying.

Note: The Quirinale is one of the highest Italian institutions, the Office of the President of Italian Republic.

Here below the orginal Italian documents: the reply and the letter of the concerned citizen.

Source: scienzamarcia

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