November 03, 2009

Watching the skies for an H1N1 connection

Former Hensonville teacher among those who believe disease is linked to the ‘chemtrail’ phenomenon
By Claude Haton
Hudson-Catskill Newspapers
Published: Tuesday, November 3, 2009 2:18 AM EST

It is unclear whether this is dawn or dusk; but this sky is loaded with sky trails. Many feel these cloud streaks are purposely laid and contain chemicals meant to filter down and compromise our immune systems.

By Claude Haton
Hudson-Catskill Newspapers
Published: Tuesday, November 3, 2009 2:18 AM EST

WINDHAM — Just as the H1N1 vaccine is becoming available, many people, including some medical practitioners, are questioning its safety based in part on the speed with which the new vaccine has been brought to market. A local man is lending his voice to the protest based on the ingredients involved, adding another element he and others feel might be connected with those straight line clouds you often see high in the sky.

Tom Skarimbas of Hensonville, a former English, French and Spanish teacher who now works as a salesman in the communications industry, has been studying ‘chemtrails’ for about two years now. Chemtrails are said to be a variation of the contrails one normally observes emanating from the exhaust of jetliners at high altitudes.

Skarimbas’ personal study of atmospheric science has led him to believe, along with growing number of others, that chemicals are being spread aerially, possibly in a effort to depopulate the planet. (Chemtrails differ from the aerial spraying of pesticides over agricultural areas or fire retardant drops over wildfires, both of which occur at much lower altitudes.)

Skarimbas explained that he doesn’t think the government was behind this program, rather they are more likely unwitting dupes infiltrated by an outside shadow organization. The terms “Illuminati” and “New World Order” came into play. Both terms refer to secret societies bent on shaping civilization to their beliefs. Information on both is widely available online.

Skarimbas confirmed that for some people, it all might sound outlandish and absurd, but observed that truth is often stranger than fiction.

One only has to trace history back about 60-70 years to find a very real example of a relatively small group of power brokers who attempted to take over the world with a ‘master race’ and effect a ‘final solution’ to cleanse their society of ethnic minorities, other unwanted groups and generally anyone who opposed their ideology. They succeeded in killing more than 6 million people and plunged the planet into a long and bloody world war before finally being defeated at tremendous cost in lives, resources and materiel.

The Thousand Year Reich of the Nationalist-Socialist party in Germany, the Nazis, came very close to succeeding. There are still veterans living today who fought against the Nazis and can testify to the horrors found in the death camps where Jews, Gypsies and other populations thought inferior by the leaders of the Third Reich were slaughtered.

Back to chemtrails. Google the term and you will find a host of sites devoted to this phenomenon. Numerous images will become available as well.

Chemtrails appear similar to the contrails commonly seen venting from passenger jets. The difference, say believers, is that chemtrails spread wider and hang in the sky longer than contrails. According to varying sources, chemtrails began appearing in the mid to late 1990s.

There are also a number of sites and bloggers that debunk the chemtrail phenomena. The switch from turbojet to turbofan engines over the last 20 years is cited as one reason for the difference in contrail appearances. The increased number of high altitude jets is also cited.

Debunkers also conclude that unless they wear masks all the time, those behind the spraying would be breathing the same air as the general population, putting themselves at risk. Government sources claim there is no chemtrail phenomena.

Generally, the debunkers appear to be in the minority.

Skarimbas, who works most of his day outdoors, has been watching chemtrails being spread right before his eyes.

“I see these things constantly,” he said. “I have seen the planes turn the chemtrails on and off.

Skarimbas has also watched contrails being spread and says he can see the difference.

“Contrails dissipate very quickly,” he said.

Among chemtrail websites you will find various theories on how chemtrails are spread as well as their purpose.

One theory claims they are being spread to combat global warming by filtering sunlight. Skarimbas found the notion laughable.

“Why do they spray at night?” he offered. Also, they are so wispy they could hardly block much light.

“The idea that (they) could diminish global warming is ludicrous.”

Online, Dr. Stan Montieth of California is a student of geopolitics and the host of the Radio Liberty website and radio programs. He believes that Western civilization is in for a rude surprise. Montieth is the author of numerous books, including “Brotherhood of Darkness,” which claims secret societies are attempting to influence the course of civilization.

Montieth, as do many others, finds ulterior motives in everyday programs that they feel subvert the advancement of civilization. Montieth offers the notion that “reality is often scoffed at while illusion is often king.”

Chemtrails, Skarimbas said, are chemicals laced through the atmosphere with the intention of compromising our immune systems, with the masterstroke to be delivered on an individual basis, possibly through a vaccine.

“This is not my idea,” Skarimbas emphasized. “This a pre-existing theory … that the swine flu vaccine will carry squalene and could be quite deadly.”

According to online medical sources, squalene is a common ingredient in vaccines and other drugs as an adjuvent, which modify the affects of other components within the drug or vaccine. A common source of squalene is shark liver oil.

Opponents to its use claim that squalene can cause an immune system response similar to that experienced after the first Gulf war, when soldiers became sickened after receiving anthrax vaccines to help combat expected chemical attacks from the Iraqis.

Gulf War Syndrome, the healthcare website (“Squalene, swine flu vaccine’s dirty little secret exposed”) says is the result of the use of squalene in the vaccine.

These claims are repeated at websites such as ‘Prison Planet’ and Info Wars.

“The whole idea is that the immune system has been weakened for years,” by fallout from the chemtrails, Skarimbas said. Now the squalene can supposedly do its damage easily.”


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