August 23, 2009

Disinfo-agents exposed (by trettomahawk)

[As an ending for this video let me give you a good explanation of whats happening here, in Italy (concerning the debunkers-phenomenon)]

These individuals - very active on the Internet with many defametory, fake-blogs proudly call themselves skeptical debunkers and say that they do what they do just for having fun with the chemtrails-hoax and for mocking the conspiracy theorists.

In reality these are people that can, as a matter of fact (and as the video shows well), get very personal and unpublished data concerning the indepentent researchers and the activists (such as homes addresses, telephone-numbers, phone and e-mail-conversations [tappings], bank accounts checks etc) - let's remember...information about people that they are supposed to know only from the internet. All these things are systematically used to control, frighten and threat the unlucky victim and for making him/her desist from worrying about the problem. I think you will agree that no normal person could do that. Well, yes... its really happening, almost daily.

They are disinformation-agents, members of a well-organized net managed by others entities (with mainly military and Intelligence contacts). So, this is a job which they are generously paid for: indeed they even stay awake at night for following chemtrails-blogs (especially [VisitorAnalisys confirms]) and for trying cracker-sabotages (from all over the world, also from many universities).

They even connect from national agencies and police forces for checking every single word of the articles and of the related comments. All of this because chemtrails are an internet hoax invented by madmen? No. They are simply carrying out orders regardless of the human beings that receive these violences.

In the video you have witnessed one of the many examples of privacys violation and personal, subtle threat (notice the final threatening, mafious kiss, typical of a maniacal personality with that sort of We know where you live attitude).

These bullies often act so openly, because they know that the corrupt justice system and all the institutions don't...or, better...CAN'T touch them, because the issue is under National (and N.A.TO.s) Secrecy. So, they are covered by very powerful people. Again... no normal person could obtain and use the personal data of another one (let's is a crime in the real world!) and, then, get away with it. No normal person would go by someones house (after a very long, expensive trip and knowing the exact address) for controlling furtively, taking pictures and then laughing at him/her.

Either you are a seriously and mentally ill maniac or you are very well paid for doing so. This is simple logic. Well... it's really happening, almost daily. Could you get anything like that from your home and PC? I couldn't. Who would tail and put under close surveillance a person that is apparently considered a mad visionary? Yes - Maybe a crazier guy would - we should say (and Im sure they are).

But the reality is that only people who consider that individual very dangerous for the status quo and the corrupt system would do that, people with unlimited means that can very easily overtake the law for their shady purposes, violating human rights. Who could do that? You can easily guess.

One thing is very clear: you can very well estimate the truthfulness of an issue by the reactions it raises. So, if they react so ferociously and do all of this, it means that this is definitely NOT a hoax and that, indeed, something huge has been touched.

The interests behind the terrible chemtrails-matter are manifold (pharmaceutical and O.G.M. multinationals, military complex, airline companies, universities, geoengeneering research centers etc): these violences wont end till there will be an open disclosure or till the responsibles will be processed (and we hope it will be like in Nuremberg). Another thing is sure: we wont forget their faces and their names till that day, when the real Justice will come...

Thank you for your attention and patience.

- Last Minute Update -
The spying disinfo-agent seen on National Television!

In August 20th 2009 Francesco Sblendorio, the mafious bully of the video, has appeared in the TV-programm Superquark ("science" journalism) on R.A.I. Network (Italian National Television) at prime time. In that part they were spreading C.I.C.A.P.s (the Italian equivalent of the American C.S.I.C.O.P.) and Governments propaganda, total lies and atrocities (in a National Socialist style) on various important issues (chemtrails in the first line), mixed with evident nonsense (such as TV fortune-tellers) and, so, passed off as hoaxes and superstitions.

The all thing was based on their usual points: no conspiracy exists; the conspiracy theorists are gullible, ignorant people; the independent researchers are just like magicians/swindlers that want to deceit them and make money out of fantasies.

Our guy has been framed for a few seconds while he was following a sort of lesson (with his colleagues - Web disinfo-agents and defamers) on the paranormal claims (that they want arrogantly to control) given by the association C.I.C.AP. Just the fact that the chemtrails-phenomenon (geoengeneering never mentioned!) is passed off as something paranormal (like ghosts) tells you their great level of imposture and bad faith.

So, as you can see, these web-criminals can go on National Television for spreading disinformation and then go by activists houses to take pictures and threaten. Are they normal people? No, they aren't. These luciferian propagandists are generously paid by the Government for their actions.
Now we have the ultimate connection and proof!

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