July 15, 2009

The third trail

According the Italian meteorologists (?), Mario Giuliacci, Costante De Simone, Guido Guidi, Andrea Giuliacci, contrails are a frequent and ordinary phenomenon. They state that contrails are linked to a parameter of humidity equivalent to zero and they are persistent, if the humidity parameter is 60 per cent. This way, Physics laws are totally broken only to deny the truth about chemtrails. Debunkers continue to lie in order to defend lobbies interests: so, from them, we'll never get anything true. We are going to show solid and incontrovertible facts to let you understand that many anomalies can be explained only remembering chemtrails phenomenon. In this video you can see these things:

a) The aircraft has two engines, but the trails are three: two wakes come from an engine, one from the other one.

b) When the trails melt, you can see that they change in three different ways, showing three dissimilar sprays and substances.

These observations show these contradictions:

1) Because there are three trails and two engines, debunkers try to explain this anomaly, asserting that it's an optical illusion.

2) About different way of melting, debunkers state that it happens because of different engines and for the atmosphere is not homogenous.

3) The final part of "metamorphosis" shows three trails. For all these reasons, the more debunkers try to demonstrate that chemtrails are a hoax, the more they must deceive people with ridiculous and contradictory statements.

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