March 04, 2009

Chemtrails: the destruction of the cumuli-methods and aims

Studying the chemtrails, linked to clandestine flights all over the world, in the last months, we discovered some aims of these military operations, methods and strategies.

Some months ago, we published some footages in which an imoprtant detail was shown: the chemical and biological substances are spread, in many cases, beneath the cumuli o inside of them and the at altitude wher contrails can't be created by aircrafts.

Cumuli are clouds that we can find from 800 mt. to 2300 mt. about and these clouds generally appear with a high pressure. They usually appears in the sunny days or after a downpour. They are linked to high humidity.

For the air force these clouds are a problem: in fact modern communications system based upon radar facilities, satellites, aircrafts, UAVs and wireless nanomachines need two conditions:

a) the atmosphere must be transformed in an electro-magnetic medium by means of metals (e. g. aluminum and barium)
b) humidity parameters must be small

The air force have solved this problem, by using airplanes that spread barium, aluminum, silica gel into the cumuli, in order to create a channel for radio signals, to destroy the clouds and to prevent their formation.

After the mission has been accomplished, other aicrafts are sent in the areas where this situation must be hold.

That's why many airplanes spread evanescent chemtrails: they create lines in the sky that someone might mistake for contrails. This is made to create a chemical mist and artificial clouds. In fact chemical elements spread by means of evanescent chemtrails fill the air and make the sky something similar to an opaque, but dazzling glass. In the morning the sky is of a pale blue, in the afternoon is white or grey and without cumuli.

Download video in Mpeg-2 formatWeather reports will forecast "sunny" days with some "innocuous mists", but they are harmful fogs of chemical origin.

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