January 04, 2009

The contrailscience.com fake books

The following is an article which give clear explanations about the uproarious mystification produced by professional debunkers on the "Clouds of the world" and "A colour guide to the clouds" monographies. Analyzing and reading them we discovered a lot of anomalies and many types of counterfeiting: torn and stuck pages, a particular page in which the text is set on a single sheet section (someone made use of adhesive tape on it), no references to the relative humidity parameters, the suspicious insistence regarding the persistence of contrails (phenomenon that N.A.S.A. did recently formulate) and, besides, there are no bibliographic references about condensation's phenomenon. Let's not forget that in English, formerly, the planes' trails were indicated by using the term "wake" and not "contrail". Logically it is obvious that each single picture of those counterfeited pages are not contrails but chemtrails' snapshots added to the fake and replaced pages. It isn't always possible to tell the true from the false but in this case lots of incongruities leave us more than doubtful.

"Clouds of the world", published in the U.S. (in 1972), represent the imperative evidence for debunkers on the subject of "contrails" phenomenon. According to their assertions, condensation is a frequent phenomenon and it is proved by this book. But it is pretty evident that all the copies existing on the Web have been counterfeited! Who did it? What for? We can just imagine that someone would like to rewrite and alter the science.

In this article we'll see that Italian people are involved in tampering the above-mentioned volume.

Who's the first person to introduce and make use of this book? Epoxynous from contrailscience.com. Who are the first people that use the link to this book on the Focus forum and Paolo Attivissimo posts? Exactly those Italian debunkers which leave comments on the contrailscience.com website. Who is the owner of it? It is not possible to get this information. We only note that its owner is anonymous and that several part of the websites' texts refers to our articles and videos posted on Tanker Enemy's blog. So the fact that Epoxynous is, as matter of fact, an Italian debunker and that "Clouds of the world" and "A colour guide to clouds" (even this volume is shown by him on his you-tube channel) were counterfeited by one or more Italian debunkers is a well-founded supposition. In fact we ask ourselves the reason, why, a anglo-saxon site's webmaster should be worried for our Italian articles, video, pictures and declarations and tries to confute them? Isn't possible that people and services coming from our country are hidden behind the aforesaid site?

Fantasies? Rash conclusions? We don't think so. If truth be told when we take a look to the three graphics of page number 127 (from "Clouds of the world") we observe a curious detail: unity of measurement is expressed in meters instead of feet! We bear in mind to everyone that the "Britannic Imperial System" was used from United Kingdom, United States and Australia till 1995.

On the last page of this book we can notice a label put by some librarian on the which it is printed: "pages missing: 125". What does it mean? What we can observe by turning over the pages is that page 125 is filled of chemical trails pictures passed off as contrails and that on this page we don't find 125 and any number printed. Why? Was the original page removed and substituted with a fake one? In addition pages 127, 128 and 129 are mended with numerous pieces of adhesive tape. Is it normal?

And that's not the end of it! When in this book there are references to the trails shadows it is used a very recent term: "distrail". This is a brand-new expression and not even on Etymonline.com is possible to find it. So it's manifest that this word, coming from N.A.S.A. theories, cannot be part of a book printed in the 1972! Even the "cloud" idiom, used to define condensation trails is very modern expression of this century.

Subsequently it's comprehensible that the "Clouds of the world" monograph was manipulated by following N.A.S.A. ideological dictates that now are spread by C.I.C.A.P. to give explanation about chemtrails.

Another particularity is that there are no references to the relative humidity parameters! Is it mistake or a premeditated omission? Sorry to say there are other surprises and concerns the other book "A colour guide to clouds" printed in 1963: this volume has the same evident and clumsy tampering of "Clouds of the world" and it is used exactly like it, as it was a bible, by Epoxynous from contrailscience.com and Italian debunkers (Riccardo Cassinis alias nonnob, axlman, scie-nziato, Michele Galloni alias hanmar, acarsterminator alias Michele "Attivissimo" etc.) which promptly pass news to Paolo Attivissimo (C.I.C.A.P. member).

Epoxynous in this video shows "A colour of clouds" pages and even if he pays attention not to put on view compromising strangeness of which we're writing about, he let anyone see a page that indubitably was added after the volume's publishing. In fact everyone can see some glue signs and the particular wavy effect of the liquid glue on the sheet is the evidence! Everyone can check this: try to do it and you'll see!

In all probability these falsifications occurred later than we declared the non-existence of documents with reference to contrails sooner than 1990. Perhaps Epoxynous would like to appear as a foreign debunker but our articles and videos attract his attention in the well-known Italian debunker's way.

Translation by Mr X

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